Real Trust in The Lord

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We’ve probably heard them all a thousand times. Written them on index cards, saved them as our lock screen wallpaper, pinned them, Tweeted them, and posted them on Facebook.


What is “them?”


Bible verses. The ones we memorized as Sunday School Kids, highlighted in our first Bibles, and became deaf to because we’d heard them so many times.


That Powerful Verse became absolutely cliché. Trust in the Lord, yada yada. For God so loved the world, blah blah blah. I’ve heard it all so many times. And it becomes un-life-changing, un-impressive, non-radical.

And honestly – honestly, that’s a shame.


Because these verses are actually astounding. Why would they be quoted so many times if they weren’t?


But don’t take my word for it. Take God’s. Let’s read these verses and explore them together.


Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”


I highlighted this verse in my Bible that my parents bought me when I was five years old. I’ve had it memorized as long as I can remember.

But somehow, at some point, it lost its meaning.


But it doesn’t need to anymore.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Don’t just trust in God when it’s easy, or just when you’ve hit rock bottom. Trust Him all the time, because He knows best. He wants what’s best for us, His children. His understanding surpasses ours by every stretch.


Trust is something we must use practically to fully understand.

When a loved one’s terminally ill. When our dreams die. When we struggle to make ends meet. When we’re backstabbed by people we thought we could trust. When life hurts so bad and we don’t have an answer. When we have so many open doors and don’t know which to choose.


We are to depend on God’s understanding as we trust in Him, and not ourselves. It’s much easier said than done. Trust is only something we can achieve when we lay our desires aside and open our hearts to God’s will. Tweet this


And the second verse? “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”


In all your ways acknowledge Him. This is where so many of us trip up. We make our lives about us, and not God. We consult our friends and family when we make decisions, but not the Author of life and choices Himself.

This is where Christianity differs from all other religions. It’s not about rituals, or obligations, or good works.


Christianity is about having a relationship with God, and that is why this verse asks us to acknowledge Him. He loves us. He wants to show us the way. He wants us to trust Him, because He’s the only one who knows what’s best for us.


The second part of this verse is easily misconstrued. The ESV (English Standard Version) Bible – the one I use to reference Bible verses on my blog – says “He will make straight your paths.” But I don’t think that’s the best interpretation. I like the KJV (King James Version) better on this particular verse – it says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”


Things won’t necessarily be straight, just as life is seldom black-and-white. But in our trusting God, He will direct us through the twisted, mangled, scary, confusing thing called life.


And why? Because He loves us. And we can trust Him for everything.


I know, I know. It’s tempting to ignore everything I’ve just said because it just doesn’t seem real.


Where is God when we are suffering?


Where is God when no answer seems clear?


Where is God when death arrives without any explanation or consolation?


Where is God when you lose everything?


Friend, God is right there.


Even when you can’t see Him.


He wants you to trust Him even when it’s near impossible. He wants you to seek Him when it seems like nothing good can be sought.


He wants you to have faith in the path that He will show you, not because it’s straight, but because He will be with you.


So trust in Him.


Trust in Him with every ounce of your heart.


Seek His wisdom in every little issue.


Make your relationship with Him the reason that you involve Him in every decision.


And He will direct you.


Don’t forget the vastness and glory of this truth, friend.


You are not alone. He promises that to you. He promises that He is worthy of your trust, and He is.


Before you roll your eyes at this verse, one that’s been brushed off as over-quoted and cliché, please. Think about what it’s saying.


This verse says that you can trust God with everything you are, and He will guide you.


And you know what? You have nothing to lose.




Hey friends, still reading? I’ve got a favor to ask of you.

I’m reconsidering my blog’s design, wanting to make it look a bit more professional and let me be able to channel my writing more seriously. So if you could comment or email me with some feedback, that would be great!

Want more whitespace? Let me know! Should I use more of the same colors? Tell me which ones! Should I design a new header and button? Change my theme? Use less widgets? More? Should I use Facebook and/or Instagram? Should I stay with the simple, minimalistic approach? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Also, should I create a favorite blogs page? Do monthly recaps? Share with me your fantastic ideas!

18 Replies to “Real Trust in The Lord”

    1. Yes, definitely! His faith is inspiring, and reminds us that even when our feelings make us hesitant, God knows what He is doing and will be with us in whatever He calls us to do.


  1. Wow what a great reminder, Amanda! Bible verses sometimes do get clichéd but most really are profound and teach such simple but real truths. Trust is such a hard thing for me. But God can be trusted! Thanks for that post!!


  2. Great post, Amanda! I totally agree with everything you said. (Especially the part about our paths not always being straight XD. THEY’RE NOT ALWAYS STRAIGHT GUYS. XD)
    Design? Umm… *is not artsy at all* XD But I did like that button (at least I think it was a button) that you showed us in Camp that one time more than you current button. Of course that’s probably just because *cough* PINK. *coughcough* XD And I don’t think you need more whitespace… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! (Haha, exactly! And maybe the translator didn’t completely mean straight, but I think we can falsely interpret it to mean that life’s always easy. 😛 Which…it isn’t.)
      *laughs* Okay, got it! I have to find that button again.
      Pink. xD Hahaha. To be honest, pink really ISN’T my favorite color, but the photo editor I used when making the header turned it pink and I just went with it at the time. Ah well.
      I’m trying to make it a cross between what I like and looking attractive to anyone who visits. Easier said than done.


  3. This is such an encouraging post, Amanda! 🙂 God has been teaching me what it truly means to trust Him, and while I’ve come a long way with that, I know it is something I will never stop learning. It’s hard to let go and let Him be in control instead of me, but nothing compares to life spent in true and complete trust! It’s about surrender, and God really will come through like never before when we do give up and let Him take over. Thank you for digging deep into this amazing verse all of us overlook so often!


    1. Oh, that’s wonderful, Mary. 😉
      Oh, I agree, it’s definitely hard! I love what you said there: “Nothing compares to life spent in true and complete trust!” I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for chiming in!


  4. Great post, Amanda!!
    I agree whole-heartedly. Our paths are not always “straight” and life isn’t easy – even for Christian’s.

    As for the design… I like your blog the way it is 🙂 Also, I agree with Jonathan on the button thing. I really liked the one you showed us during camp.


      1. Ooooo, that’s hard… I probably like the first one better because it’s more colourful 🙂


  5. This is great, Amanda! I would love to share your posts on my facebook pg, with your permission of course 🙂 I get most of my views from Facebook or g+. Although the momma in me says to be careful when dealing with facebook- a lot of lurkers and scams infiltrate it. I like a lot of white space it’s easier for me to read 🙂 but I think you’re doing fabulous!!!


  6. Yes, I know what you mean about Bible verses being so common we miss their deep meaning. I was just thinking that as I was reading 1 Corinthians 13 the other day – it’s a powerful chapter, yet it’s so familiar I read it without really thinking about it..

    And this verse: you did a great job of breaking it down, and bringing out all the promises it contains! Trust is definitely something I need to work on.. It’s so easy to start worrying about life, instead of trusting Him to direct our paths! I also really liked your emphasis on ‘in all your ways acknowledge Him.’ That’s something I hadn’t stopped to think about before, so thanks so much for sharing! I’m always blessed by your posts, and even if I don’t comment, I read them all. 🙂


    1. I’ve found the same thing about that chapter. So powerful, but it can become dull after reading it so often.
      Thank you, Jessica! Trust is definitely hard to put into practice.
      Wow, that means so much. 🙂


  7. Great post Amanda! You are so write, unfortunately, verse like that have become cliché sounding. But they hold SO MUCH TRUTH!!!!!! Thanks so much for writing!

    I actually really like your blog as it is. I think it is very professional looking, if that is what you are going for. I personally love the simplistic look. But recap posts and a favorite blogs page would be awesome! I love both of those ideas. But frankly, just keep writing the awesome stuff and I (and I am sure other people) will keep reading. 😉 God bless you Amanda!


    1. Thank you so so much, Sarah Grace!
      Oh, I’m glad! I’m not sure if you’ve seen it this afternoon, but I updated my header and my button, and ended up keeping my theme.
      Thank you so much for your kind words! And I’m considering doing a recap post on the last Tuesday or Saturday of every month. 😀 God bless you as well!


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