You Are So Much More Than Just a Title




This year so far has been one of conversations, of thinking, of beginning to define myself.


Something that often crosses my mind is this thought: Who am I?


And I can go through the surface things. I can say I’m a college student, a sister and daughter, a musician, a writer. But are those things enough?


I’ve been playing with this idea, of being rather than doing. Focusing on who I am, not just what I do as the definition of me.


On my own, I can do a lot of things. I can write articles and play music and be kind and use my mind. I can. But if I am to place my entire value, the sum total of my worth into these things – where will I be when these things fall away?

Who will I be when the inkwell’s dry and I don’t write anymore?


Who will I be when I lose my voice and I cease to sing?


Who will I be when I’m at a loss for creativity – when I’ve defined myself by my creations and I do not create anymore?


I want to be more than just one title.




I write tweets sometimes, that go along the lines of “You have value.” And that’s something that none of us can afford to forget.


But the lines blur, sometimes, between who we are in Christ and who we create for ourselves to be.


When people say, “You’re amazing,” it’s usually after we accomplish something impressive, or do something important. It’s wonderful to be recognized for something we’ve achieved – but when we let those things become who we are, and only who we are, we often miss out on the greater work that’s happening inside of us.




We are not just “good,” we are new. In Christ, all of our blemishes have been washed away and they no longer define us; His holiness does.


Sometimes it’s hard to find that line between His goodness and ours. The difference between relying on His Great Work and our attempted great works.


So where is the differentiation found?


I believe we find it at the beginning – at our very own starting point.




When you wake up in the morning, what’s your first thought? Your first coherent one, a pondering one, regarding the day?


I believe it’s essential to ask ourselves this question, “Who will I be, today?” And I don’t mean to ask what façade we’ll adopt, what mask we’ll paste to our faces, but who we will choose to be in a world full of falseness – false hope, false intentions, false lives lived – and in a world with One Way to live differently than that falseness.


Will we look to our identity in Christ – our goodness found in Him – or seek to build our lives upon shifting things, upon nice intentions, and inadequate effort?


I don’t mean to discourage from building a beautiful life, a fulfilling, meaningful one – but instead I want to encourage a life built on the foundation of Christ, because it is then and there that value, and meaning, and purpose flow out.


When I ask myself who I want to be, and find the answer, I allow myself to rest in the person God has defined me as and find freedom to pursue my potential upon that established identity.


I build who I am, yes. But only because I am who I am because I have trusted Christ. Only because I try and pursue new, meaningful adventures because I feel the Spirit leading me. Only because I am living in the gratitude to the Jesus who spilled His blood to rescue my soul and make me clean.


It’s not because I on my own have anything spectacular to add to the world; it is because without Him, I am no one, and in Him, I find true purpose – the purpose that He created me with.




So who am I? I am more than a writer. I am more than a student. I am more than an artist or musician or leader or coffee-drinker or texter or stargazer or sister.


I am more than any and every one of those things.


I am a Child of God. I am His creation, and His beloved.


And in that identity, I have the freedom to be every single one of those things, or none of them. It doesn’t matter all that much.


For all these titles are the mediums with which we use to live out the purpose God has placed on our hearts; different mediums for different seasons, I say.


Right now I’m a writer, but in a few years that may change. And honestly? Though it’s taken me more than just a day to come to this conclusion, I’m perfectly happy with that.


Because even as a writer – writing does not define me. My value in Christ does, and that is unshakable.


If I never write another word, sing another note, take another test, read another page, I still have the same amount of intrinsic value.


And I think that is one of the most beautiful blessings we ever could ask for.




So what now? We have this value, this concept of inner worth that comes from outside ourselves…but what do we do now?


Friend, go live.


Go follow the Spirit where He leads.


Try new things. Write articles, do experiments, test theories, encourage friends, splatter paint on canvases, seize new opportunities.


Pursue that purpose. Live. Dream. Love. Do. And find your value in something so much deeper than just a title. You are worth so much more.




22 Replies to “You Are So Much More Than Just a Title”

  1. This is such a beautiful reminder!!! As a writer myself, I often find myself believing my worth is found in the stories I write, but it feels so nice to be reminded that that is not the case at all!

    I loved this post SO much!!


  2. Wow this was so so cool, Amanda!
    I found your blog through Allie’s blog- yes I will admit partly because of your giveaway did I decide to check out your blog- but this is better than I expected!! You are really cool, really pretty, and honestly, inspiring.
    Wonderful post!


  3. I love this post Amanda. The writing was excellent, I can tell that you put a lot of thought and heart into this post and it shows. This is a topic I have thought a lot about myself, coming to the same conclusion you did, so it’s heartening to see that I’m not the only one who ponders this lol. I think you are spot on. My favorite part of this truth is the freedom we receive when our identity lies in being a child of God. There is so much power in knowing we are loved for who we are and not how well we perform, because God still loves us even at our most fallen, and still calls us His. In the midst of all the stress and pressure to live up to standards of performance, that is an incredible peace. Thank you for that reminder!!


  4. “If I never write another word, sing another note, take another test, read another page, I still have the same amount of intrinsic value.”

    This is the very theme of the last novel whose writing I undertook. The main character, Sarah, was defining herself by the title of singer. And the story is about what happens when that title is stripped away. It was such a raw, personal story to write, and I never was able to finish it. But what I have written of it still moves my heart. Because although I do not consciously see my worth in these titles, I do hold them so dear and I often find myself afraid of what would be left if I had to give them up.

    Thank you for your words. ❤


    1. Yessssssss. Just hearing about that story touches me (and also the fact that this was our first official correspondence, over your story & stopping writing fiction). ❤
      Thank you, as always, for your great comments. ❤ And yeah, it's definitely easy to subconsciously ascribe our worth to things, even when we can't pinpoint it.


  5. Beautifully written! I get so caught up in titles too as I’m a homeschool momma and I often feel so inadequate in today’s world when everyone flashes around their college degrees. I know I’m not dumb and probably what I know deserves a doctorate! Ha! But, knowing my worth in Jesus certainly helps ❤ Much love!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your story, Melissa. Homeschooling is no easy task, so I applaud you for taking it on! You are a holy and dearly loved daughter of God through all of it, no matter how you feel. ❤ Thank you for stopping by Scattered Journal Pages, and welcome!

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