Book Thursdays: How I Discovered Ilyon

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Happy Thursday and Resistance Anniversary Celebration, everyone!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. I’ll start from the very beginning. Which happens to be a very good place to start.

Two weeks ago, I posted my first Book Thursdays blog post here as a review of The King’s Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight. Y’all know how much I loved Resistance and The King’s Scrolls, which are the first two books of the Ilyon Chronicles. But you may be wondering, how exactly did Amanda discover Ilyon? Okay, maybe you’re not wondering, but as a part of the Resistance 1-year anniversary celebration (*squeals*), I signed up to tell you all how I discovered Ilyon, and my story all started last November.

In the midst of an insanely stress-filled and painful school year, I sat in my kitchen doing homework when my iPod buzzed. It was an email, alerting me that a new Christian Dystopian Young Adult book had come out. That book was Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good. (ALL NEW review of this book to come soon!) I read the first two chapters on Amazon, and boy, was I hooked! Needless to say, I bought it. I’ve loved to read since I was two and three years old and (though I was over my head in schoolwork) I finished it in four days. Let’s just say that I let school slide a bit that week and that was a great decision.

My love for reading was reawakened. I was greatly inspired to read and write (WAY more than I was doing, and this blog came about partially because of that). My faith was ignited even more and I was inspired to live out my faith. So what did I do when a fantastic novel so immensely changed me? I started reading the author’s blog and I emailed her, of course!

Leah was very gracious toward me, Amanda the extremely enthusiastic fangirl. (That’s a pretty conservative way to describe me, you should know.) And we started getting to know each other (me still being a floating-on-clouds squealy fangirl).

One day, on her blog, I saw an interview with Jaye L. Knight, the author of the Ilyon Chronicles. The interview was amusing and splendid, and The King’s Scrolls piqued my interest. (Not a lot of new books do, so this was special.) But I put it at the back of my mind, noting the fact that it was aimed at readers 18-25+ and I thought I’d probably find it cliché, boring, or “not my kind of book.” Haha yeah right. I was naïve. That was a mistake.

A little while later, Leah sent me a recommendation of The King’s Scrolls because it was very similar to Counted Worthy and she thought I’d enjoy it. I hesitated a little bit; I figured I’d never get a chance to read it, and frankly, I didn’t want to put down money for a book that I wasn’t sure about loving. And that was mistake #2.

However, she let me borrow Resistance (Ilyon #1) and I finished that book in four days. 524 pages in four days, my friend. That’s how you know that a book is good. Like, really good. I’m glad to say that I didn’t have too much schoolwork that week.

A mini-screenplay from that week:


Mom: Amanda, what are you doing?

Amanda: I’m reading.

Mom: What book?

Amanda: *glowing* I’m reading Resistance. *sighs*

Mom: Okay. Have fun. *smiles*

This question of “what are you doing” was asked many times over the next few days.

Mom: Amanda, aren’t you supposed to be doing anatomy?

Amanda: It’s okay, I’ll do it on the weekend. Maybe I’ll study for a little while later on (aka for 15 minutes, so I can get back to my real book).

Mom: Do you want to hold your one-day-old cousin?

Amanda: Yeah!

Mom: Okay, put down the book.

That week was a very fun week.

Yeah, the little schoolwork I did have to do suffered. But like the week that I read Counted Worthy, it was so worth it.

I repeat.

It was so worth it.

Now I’ve read The King’s Scrolls and I’m awaiting Half-Blood (Ilyon #0.5) (A PREQUEL NOVELLA! YAY!) and Samara’s Peril (Ilyon #3). And the last three books. Yes darling, they are that good.

Please read them. #NoRegrets here. At all, whatsoever.

If you’d like to see a list of the Resistance Anniversary Celebration events and blog posts coming up, they are here.

Thank you all for visiting my blog, and please come back! You can also subscribe. That’s awesome too.



NEW! Book Thursdays: The King’s Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight

TKS Cover

Welcome to a new feature on Scattered Journal Pages, Book Thursdays. Maybe you know that I love to read, maybe you don’t. But nevertheless I do, and because I don’t have the time to start a whole new blog, I’m adding a new feature to my existing blog. Here, on random Thursdays, you’ll find book reviews, recommendations, possibly author interviews, and other events that all have something to do with books. This won’t effect regular Tuesday and Saturday posts, it’s just extra. I hope you enjoy, and Happy Thursday!

When I started this book, I was a little worried. I mean, what if I didn’t like it? What if it was cheesy? What if it was boring? Well, it sure wasn’t. This book is the FANTASTIC sequel to Resistance (actually, book two of six in the Ilyon Chronicles) by Christian New Adult Fantasy author, Jaye L. Knight. I can’t even tell you how much I loved Resistance. I thought it was super. And it was. Absolutely FANTABULOUS. But The King’s Scrolls was even better. So, maybe you’re not a fantasy fan. Maybe it’s boring to you. Perhaps you find it pointless, or a waste of time. That’s what I thought when I started reading Resistance. I’ve never enjoyed fantasy before, because I could tell it was fake. But wow, this was different. Really different. Sure, there are dragons. (Really awesome dragons, let me point out.) And there are characters of different races (ryriks, cretes, dorlanders, talcrins, humans, etc.), but it’s not weird. They’re all people, just different kinds of people. They’re all realistic and 100% believable. So before you make a judgment call on whether you think you’ll enjoy this book or not, give it a chance. Please do. There were so many moments that I just stopped reading for a moment and closed my eyes, or crossed my fingers, or bit my lip, or just let my heart flutter for a minute. You know, those moments when I was screaming and fangirling on the inside with pure joy on my face because it was so good. Just. So. Good. I’d close my eyes and grasp the book so tightly and hold it to my heart, attempting to soak up the beautiful literature via book osmosis. Please tell me that I’m not the only one. Now for the plot. Four dragon-riding cretes arrive in Landale Forest. They are seeking to retrieve the only complete collection of The King’s Scrolls. However…belief in Elôm (the one true God) is illegal, and reclaiming the Scrolls is, well, dangerous to say the least, and if anything goes wrong, it’ll end surely in execution. At the same time, some crete followers of Elôm are being dangerously sought out for the accusation of being Elôm’s followers and having the last complete collection of the King’s Scrolls in their possession. What will happen when they are discovered? Now, there were a few parts in the book that utterly manipulated my emotions. One of the days that I read for a few hours, I cried five times. (Seriously! It’s pretty pitiful, seeing that I’ve never cried that much over something real, let alone a fantasy book.) Honestly though, as much as it tore me in two, it was so believable and perfect although immensely heartbreaking. Now, for the REAL part of the story, there’s one thing I wonder and marvel at. What would happen if we placed this kind of value on the Word of God? I mean, we have such freedom in this world. We have the freedom to keep the ENTIRE COLLECTION of “The King’s Scrolls”, so to speak. It’s legal to believe in the One True God. By a lot of people, it’s even encouraged. We don’t face potential imprisonment, torture, or execution. And yet, though these characters are fictional, they’ve taken a stand. They’ve faced every hardship imaginable. And stayed strong, refusing to deny what they believe because they know that it’s the truth. They know (and we should too) that the Bible is life-changing. Without it, we are hopeless. Lost. Wandering aimlessly in this crazy world. But we do have The Scrolls. Isn’t that encouraging? A heartfelt thank you to Jaye who graciously gave me a free copy of this book to read and review honestly. All opinions are my own, and I wouldn’t change them if someone paid me. 🙂 *aj P.S. If this book sounds interesting to you, support Jaye by purchasing a copy! You can get one on Amazon and on her website.   You can see my full review on Goodreads.