What We’re Getting Wrong About Holiness

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Holiness is not and can never be ankle-length skirts, purity rings, or immersion in Christian media to try to fight against the world. Holiness is so much more than that, and we’ve taught ourselves to settle for the symbols instead of the real thing.


I think it’s time we change that.

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We Are Redeemed! (Hebrews Bible Study: Week 5)

We Are Redeemed! (Hebrews Bible Study- Week 5

It’s never too late to join in this weekly blog Bible Study! Come find rest with us in this moment as we explore the book of Hebrews together.


A Brief Note: this isn’t a comprehensive and intense verse-by-verse Bible Study. It’s not a lecture, filled with incomprehensible theology and perplexing words – and I don’t want it to be taken that way.


This Bible Study is not a commentary and it’s not a headache, either. Really. No, it’s more like a regular blog post of mine – filled with a few truths from a few verses, and nothing too hard to “get.”


It’s truth for the people, people. I don’t want anyone to feel alienated. And yet, it’s so amazing to learn and be reminded of these important truths here in this Book.

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Poetry: Amazing Grace


Happy Saturday, everyone! This week, I wrote another poem. It’s pretty much my entire testimony summed up. 😛 Sometimes I can’t explain things, but writing out words in poetry form seriously helps me do that. And I know that this post is short, but I hope that you find the meaning is the same as any other post. Enjoy!

Amazing Grace
I’ve finally let go
Of who I thought I had to be.
All my plans and all my dreams 
I let them define me.
I once claimed full control.
Held on with all my might.
I grasped a death-grip hold.
Wouldn’t go down without a fight.
I let my life tell me
What I was forced to do.
I fell prey to all the lies
Forgetting what was true.
But I put my ear up close
To the door calling me inside.
I heard, “You are pure and you are holy.
And I call you my child.”
Now who I am is so much more 
Than just another face.
God has made me who I am 
By His Amazing Grace.
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