Free: A Poem

American Flag

This past week, I went to camp, and while scribbling words in my journal, this poem came together. As I was scheduling a post for today, I was stricken with writer’s block. Incidentally, I remembered that this poem had to do with freedom…so I decided to use it.

In honor of Independence Day today, I am sharing this with you all. Though it is true that I am free from control by England, I am truly free because Christ has saved me! Happy 4th of July, friends. I hope you find true freedom this year!

Shackles tear deep into my flesh.

“You’re hopeless. Worthless. Got nothing left.”

The lies seem true or so appear.

For I know I deserve to be stuck down here.

My life’s a mess. I’ve fallen apart.

Seems nothing could mend this tattered heart.

My bones are bruised. My face is marred.

I can’t see my way out of these bars.

But something here – a whisper maybe –

Pulls me close and helps me to see.

I’m not alone here, He’s been with me all this time.

He proves the words “I love you” and He assures me “You’re mine.”

Though overcome with power, I am filled with grace.

I know that He loves me, for He took my place.

Where majesty meets mercy is where I am found.

Set free from these chains, no more am I bound.

No longer a slave, I serve the King.

To Him I give my everything.

In my darkness, His Light shines.

I am free and no longer held captive inside.

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