It’s My Blogiversary!

It's My Blogiversary!



Wow, this year has been incredible. I had no idea I would ever come this far, and it’s only been one year.


I’ve gotten views from over 80 countries, have accumulated 180 followers, and 1,200 comments have been posted.


I’ve posted 116 blog posts on this site, and have learned so much.


To all of you who comment regularly, thank you. Without your encouragement, I’m not sure if I would have pressed on during those difficult nights when I really just wanted to go to bed.


Thank you to all of you readers, whether you’ve commented or not. Seeing new followers every few days makes my heart so happy.


Since February 17th, 2015, I’ve learned to stick to my word. When I say I’m going to post every Tuesday and Saturday, I really do mean it. I’ve grown in my faith by staying in the Bible and writing out the truths I know in my heart. I’ve met so many wonderful people, had so many uplifting conversations, and personally matured so much.


Through this blog, I’ve found my voice. For years, it’s been so hard for me to speak my heart as a naturally quiet and reserved person. But through blogging, I’ve gotten to know myself, developed my writing, and pursued my passion for sharing Jesus with the world.


It’s been great.


I have a survey at the end of this post, and I would so appreciate it if you all would take five minutes to fill it out. I’m trying to improve my blog the best I can this next year. But before I do that, I’d like to give a few updates.


Firstly, even though I didn’t start out this way, I’m now responding to all of your comments. So don’t be shy! Chime in on my posts, and we can discuss. I love getting to know new people and seeing your points of view.


Secondly, you can follow me on social media. I’m on Google+, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.


Thirdly, I’m no longer doing tags or blog awards. Thank you all so much for nominating me time and time again, but I tend not to get around to them and find them not to (usually) fit my blog.


Fourthly, I’m starting to experiment with graphic design via Canva. It takes me longer to make a header than just picking a stock photo, but I’m enjoying using it (and I’m also enjoying its benefits through social media).


Fifthly, if you’d like me to write a guest post for one of your blogs, feel free to email me through the Contact Me form. I’d like to branch out and do more of that this year as I’m available.


Here’s that survey I was telling you about.


Thank you all for your readership. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.



22 Replies to “It’s My Blogiversary!”

  1. Happy Blogiversary! It’s hard to believe that I’ve known you long enough to see the one year anniversary of a blog we discussed before it started. ❤ It's been cool to see Scattered Journal Pages grow.


  2. (Sorry this is a day late) Congrats on your blogiversary, you beautiful person! I’m so excited that your blog has come this far. Your writing is fantastic, and you’ve earned the followers! Keep it up!


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