Dear Reader: You Are Loved No Matter What

Dear Reader- You Are Loved No Matter What

Dear Reader,


I want you to know that you are loved.


I want you to see that not only are you not your past, but you are not loved because of anything you could ever do.


While some see that as depressing, I see that as relieving. That no matter what I do, I cannot “lose” God’s love. Neither can you.


We cannot sin so many times to retract God’s love from us. We cannot make so many mistakes or bad decisions, or be such a disappointment that God says, “Sorry kid, I don’t love you anymore.”


The reality is that His love has nothing to do with our performance, but everything to do with His mercy and grace.


The conditions on which He loves us have nothing do do with who we are but who He is.


We make mistakes, and we sin. Our inherent nature is not to be perfect, but to live for ourselves. Yet God is different. God doesn’t say, “I love you because you’re perfect,” He says, “I love you because I am perfect.”


“I love you because I created you.”

“I love you because even though you do not deserve it, I choose to love you.”


That’s powerful.


You are cherished, no matter what your life looks like.


I’m not trying to say, “Hey, everyone! Because God loves you regardless of your lifestyle, go live however you want!” My point is to the contrary.


In knowing that we are loved in spite of the fact that we’re utterly imperfect, we find freedom. Not to live as slaves to our sinful desires, for when we grasp the love of God, the love of sin won’t seem so lovely anymore.


See, the love of God didn’t stop with the simple phrase, “I love you.” It only started there. It was an “I love you; let me prove it to you.”


Sending Jesus to die to pay the price of the forgiveness of our sins (whew, that was a mouthful) brought that love from just a word to an action. God didn’t sit back and say to us, “I love you, but you’re gonna have to figure it out on your own, because that whole sin mess you got yourselves into is ugly and tough to deal with, so good luck.”


No, He said, “I love you, and I don’t want to see any of you spend eternity apart from me. Here is my Son, to die and rise from the dead, that in believing in Him you may have life and be my child.”


John 20:31

“But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”


John 1:12-13

“But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.”


So Dear Reader, no matter what you do, you are loved with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). You are loved by a God who desperately wants to have a relationship with you. You are loved because of who He is and because of His amazing grace, and not because of your performance.


Let us not forget that that we are NEVER out of the reach of His mercy and love.



11 Replies to “Dear Reader: You Are Loved No Matter What”

  1. This is so true, and something I always need to be reminded of! I often have a hard time remembering and believing that I’m loved by God not because of what I do, but because of what Christ has done. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I even realized I had always been trying to earn God’s grace and approval through my actions. But it’s so freeing to be able to rest secure in God’s amazing and absolutely unconditional love!

    Thanks for writing this, and I look forward to more posts in this series!



    1. It can be hard to remember sometimes. With the big push on “doing good things,” our minds can so easily construe that to mean that we’re only loved when we do right. It gives us so much freedom, like you said, to be able to breathe easy knowing we are always loved. 😉


  2. Wow. This is beautiful, Amanda. It’s amazing how perfect His love is, yet how difficult it is for us to remember this. Or maybe it’s just me, but I have to keep reminding myself that there’s nothing I have to do to earn His love. But still. This is beautiful. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Natasha! No, I definitely have struggled with this from time to time too; that’s partially why I wrote it. And when I set unrealistic expectations for myself to live up to, and fail those, I have to remind myself that I am loved no matter how I perform. 😉

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      1. Oh, I definitely hear you about the unrealistic expectations that are just more things that I’m piling on top of myself. And you’re so right. Knowing that we’re loved no matter how we perform is such a relief. 🙂


  3. Hey Amanda!
    I just found this blog via
    I love what you are doing here, I’m 14, homeschooled and a Christian as well. I also have a blog that has the same aim, to encourage others to follow Christ, if you are able too please check it out and tell me what you think! Xx Amber


    1. Hi Amber! Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate it! 🙂
      That’s awesome what you’re doing as well. I’ll have to visit your blog – it sounds wonderful! I always love to meet another Christian teen. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!


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