Celebrating Life (with LIVE RECORDED SONG + annual survey)

Celebrating Life (with LIVE RECORDED SONG + annual survey).png

I absolutely, positively, love life.


Not that it’s easy, or pain-free, or pleasant all the time. It’s not.


But after a long string of posts about God feeling so far away, and finding hope in pain, and saying no, and inadequacy, and doubting God’s promises, and searching for meaning – I think we need a post on celebrating life.


Sometimes we wake up in the mornings, with a to-do list a mile long, a mess to clean up, and stress to deal with – and it’s honestly rather difficult at times.


But what if we decided to wake up with joy?

What if we decided every morning to arise, and celebrate the beautiful new day we’ve been given?


One untainted new today, in which to live fully – to think deeply, to speak truth, to encourage and uplift, to smile and laugh, to feel and experience, and above all, to glorify God.


There are a thousand things I could talk about here, and not even scratch the surface of the pain you might be going through right now.


But can we remember the beauty, too?


Can we look at what Christ has done for us – died in OUR place and paid for OUR sin as a no-strings-attached GIFT – and rejoice?


Can we look at His faithfulness in our lives and give thanks for things, big and small?


Can we begin to see everything that He blesses us with as a gift, and not something we deserve?


Can we pray in the morning, that He would use us on that day we’ve been given, to bring glory to Him and bring others along for the ride with us?


Today, I dare you to celebrate life. To smile out of joy. To walk with intention. To pray hard, laugh hard, live hard, and celebrate the beautiful life you’ve been given.


Life is a gift. So why don’t we enjoy it?


Yes, even through the pain – for the One who gives us life is also the One who gives us hope, and peace, and salvation.


And it is oh, so sweet to trust in Jesus – the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Our Savior, Redeemer, and even Friend.




And speaking of celebration, my blog’s two-year anniversary is coming up on Friday. And in honor of that, I have a fun post coming up, with some updates, a giveaway, and more.


But until then, I have a quick little survey that I’d really love for you to take. It’ll help me find out best to serve you, and really get to hear your thoughts before the official anniversary post.

Take my survey!

And one last announcement…


I recorded a song live the other day, and decided I’d put it up here too. It just so happened to go along with my blog post, and, I figured, it’s a celebration, so why not? (And…yes, there’s a guy that tried to sing along with me while I was playing the piano. Makes me giggle every time I listen to it.)

‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus – LIVE

Thank you all for an incredible year! I am grateful for and celebrating every single one of you.



11 Replies to “Celebrating Life (with LIVE RECORDED SONG + annual survey)”

  1. Okay, first of all OH MY WORD YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING!!!! Like, seriously, you have a beautiful voice and I LOVE it!!!

    Secondly, I once again absolutely loved this post!! Life truly is an amazingly wonderful gift! I’ve been realizing that more and more lately, and I’ve noticed everything around me becoming even more beautiful than ever before.

    Also, the survey was SO fun, and CONGRATULATIONS ON HITTING TWO YEARS!!!! My blog is still a tiny blog baby compared to that!


  2. Lovely post!! It’s so refreshing to be able to wake up with joy instead of dread. ❤ It is rare and beautiful that we even exist, so I don't want to waste a day of life God has given me 🙂 Especially taking the time to admire the sunrise, looking at the stars and contemplating life, Help me to be Joyful and be in Awe of all God does.

    Your voice is sooo pretty! I love it!! You should share your singing more!

    So cool that you've had a blog for two years!! I hope to eventually start a blog, but I'm not sure which direction I would take it, so still just thinking about it 😉

    Have a wonderful week Amanda!!


    1. Thank you so very much, Faith! Oh my goodness, you’re so right – just appreciating God’s creation is enough to inspire us, isn’t it?
      You’re very sweet!
      I understand! It took me three years of thinking before I started mine, but I would definitely recommend it and would read yours if and when you start it! 😉


  3. Yes! I totally think life is something worth celebrating – especially when we remember that even the pain and hardships somehow fit into God’s plan to work everything out for good.

    Congratulations on two years too! For some reason I thought you’d been blogging for a lot longer than that. Obviously your blog is professional beyond its years. 🙂


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