August Monthly Recap

August Monthly Recap

Hey, friends. August is just about over, which is sad, because that means the summer’s gone.

I’m aware that today is supposed to be a Hebrews Bible Study post, but instead of that, we have a recap post to do before Purposeful Pages Link-Up: September Edition launches. If you haven’t done August’s edition for your blog yet, it’s not too late!


This month has been amazing, so let’s dive right in.

My Blog Posts

Where Do You Find Your Identity? (Hebrews Bible Study- Week 8) 

Where Do You Find Your Identity? (Hebrews Bible Study: Week 8)

Lady Dragon, Tela Du Blog Header

Cover Reveal for Lady Dragon, Tela Du by Kendra E. Ardnek – Interview, Snippet, and Inspiration!

Purposeful Pages Meme

Purposeful Pages Link-Up: August Edition

It is Forgiven. (Hebrews Bible Study- Week 9)

It is Forgiven. (Hebrews Bible Study: Week 9)

Four Myths You Might Be Believing About Pastor’s Kids (And The Truth!)

Four Myths You Might Be Believing About Pastor’s Kids (And The Truth!)

Jesus Has Made You Enough (Hebrews Bible Study- Week 10)

Jesus Has Made You Enough (Hebrews Bible Study: Week 10)

How To Be Discerning in the Books We Read

How To Be Discerning in the Books We Read

What Will You Do With Jesus? (Hebrews Bible Study: Week 11)

What Will You Do With Jesus? (Hebrews Bible Study: Week 11)

Why I Journal

Why I Journal


August Favorites


Is It Good To Be Introverted? (Or Are You Missing Out On Everything Fun Ever?) Abbiee writes about what it’s like to be an introvert & how we can have just as much fun as everyone else, just in different ways. Love it.


Simplicity: The Value of Quiet Emily writes about the importance of stillness and rest, of focusing on the here and now every so often, and about being refreshed. Go read it!


Vanquishing Fears Hannah writes a lovely poem about fear and Jesus and light.


Wacky Things That Writers Google Jonathan writes a witty list of things writers Google, and I totally snorted with laughter reading it.


The Bookshelf


I finally got around to reading more this month, which made me happy.


This Quiet Sky by Joanne Bischof: 5/5 Stars

Graceful by Emily P. Freeman: 5/5 Stars

Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber: 5/5 Stars


I think I’m either on a roll of reading good books, or I’m not a picky reader. Either way, all these books were lovely and really touched my soul. This Quiet Sky inspired the romantic in me, Graceful freed the perfectionist in me, and Siren’s Fury sparked me to compassion. They’re all books worth reading, so go enjoy them.


My Writing


This month, my book reached exactly 30,000 words. While I didn’t write as much as I would have liked, reaching this milestone encouraged me and I feel as though it’s really coming together. Thank you for all the kind words!


On The Blog


This month, I wrote two guest posts for fellow bloggers. The first was How To Be Discerning in the Books We Read, and the second was Why I Journal – I posted those two on this blog these past two Saturdays.


The questions for Purposeful Pages for August are still open to be answered on your blogs, and the new questions are coming out this Saturday. Thank you for all the support in this new and exciting endeavor!


In My Life


My month has been pretty exciting. As some of you know, I’m a student in Lumerit Scholar (formerly known as CollegePlus – pretty much the best education path ever. Look it up, it’s fabulous) – and in the last full week of this month, I attended a student convention, or rather, APEX: The Unconvention. It was one of the best weeks of my entire life, filled with so much learning, talking, dancing, laughing, singing, and new friends. (You’re welcome to email me if you’re interested in learning more about Lumerit.)


I’ve learned that doing things unconventionally, and purposefully not conforming to the way everyone else does things (see Romans 12:2) is so beneficial, and can help us find what God has for us individually to do with our lives.


And I also discovered that I’m part-extrovert. So there’s that too.


I’ve been editing a lot, and it’s nice to be done for a while. It’s hard work, and I’m seriously reconsidering whether I’d actually like to do this for a living. Which I suppose is a good thing? But it’s also sort of terrifying to feel like I don’t know what I want to do again, besides writing, of course.


Talk to Me


How was your month? Did you do anything exciting? If you’re going back to school (or just continuing on like the rest of us), how are you preparing? Do you have any idea what you want to do with your life? What was your favorite blog post you read or wrote this month?



14 Replies to “August Monthly Recap”

  1. Wow, you had a lot of great posts this month, Amanda! And it sounds like it’s been a busy time for you as well. I can’t wait for purposeful pages for September. It’s so crazy that summer is practically over like why? Thanks for all your encouraging posts this month!


  2. ISN’T IT SO SAD THAT SUMMER IS OVER?? LIKE….WHY. Can I please know. :”'( But there are exciting and fun things happening all the time, so I try not to get too down. Ooh it sounds like you’ve been having a cool experience with your college courses! YOU GO GIRL. *high fives and lots of waffles* I can’t wait to check out some of those links! 😀 And *gasssp* part extrovert?? YOU ROCK. 😉

    This was a fabulous recap post, Amanda!! ❤


    1. Yes, so sad! But I’m looking forward to what this new year will hold and I’m excited as things are changing. 😉 Thank youuuu! Haha, apparently? Or at least just with my APEX peeps am in an ENFJ (INFJ normally).
      Thanks for commenting, my friend!


  3. Great recap! ❤ I can't wait to start school! I will be a junior this fall (we're homeschooled and start in a few weeks) and I am so excited! I have a feeling the next two years of my life will fly by, and I want to enjoy them, while at the same time being diligent and focused. 🙂


  4. Congrats on your book, Amanda! 😀 *confetti and balloons*
    Ahh, rock on! It’s so great you’re enjoying your school. 🙂 We started school this month, and it’s been a real blessing! 🙂
    YHVH bless!


  5. YAY MY BLOG POST MADE IT ONTO YOUR FAVORITES THING! *throws confetti* XD You probably read more than I though, in all honesty. I can’t bellieeevveee that August is already over though. XP


    1. Yes, it definitely did! Haha. I probably could’ve come up with more favorites too but I forget when it’s the end of the month. 😛
      It’s crazy, right? And I feel like reading has definitely taken a back burner for me…haha


  6. I really dislike editing, unless it’s someone else’s work. It takes me way more time to finish my own compared to me doing it for another person.
    Loved the post!


    1. Haha, yeah. I haven’t begun to edit my own book, but I’m not looking forward to it.
      And I do enjoy editing other people’s work — but it’s not as “entertaining” as reading for me would be, or as engaging as writing. The question is more like “Okay, what am I going to do with my life now?” Haha. Thanks for commenting, Soleil!


  7. I haven’t been able to read as many of your lovely posts this month! I need to go back in the archives and catch up. And you did much better on reading that I ended up doing. I only read two books. XD

    I’ve been wondering about Siren’s Fury. I tried reading it, but didn’t like the first chapter much. Perhaps I’ll go for it again?

    This week I started dual credit classes at a college. It’s going to be an interesting next three months, especially leaving the houses four days a week for hours and hours and being around people. >.<
    (I'm such an introvert. XD)

    Can't wait for Purposeful pages! ❤


    1. You’re good, girl! Hey, only two books is still good. Two of the ones I read were under 200 pages each, so. 😛
      Yeah, I don’t think I liked Siren’s Fury as much as Storm Siren, and it’s definitely more difficult to get into, but it is totally worth reading and the last few chapters were incredible. I’m reading Siren’s Song on and off now, which is good too.
      Oooh, congratulations on the college classes, Jeneca! I hope you enjoy! And haha, I totally feel you about the introvert thing. Yes, I’m pumped for PP as well!


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