May Monthly Recap

May Monthly Recap


Happy Saturday, friends!


Today’s the last blog post of the month. Which means, it’s time for a May recap!


Wow, this month went by fast. Guess they all do. Regardless, it’s the end now. And a lot’s happened this month!

My Blog Posts


When Fiction Seems Cooler Than Jesus

I wrote this post contemplating the fact that we seem to take interest in fictional realities more than in our faith and our lives. Instead of preaching, I asked more questions for reflection.


How To Help A Hurting Friend

This one was written because often, people around us are in pain and in need of support, and we don’t exactly know how to give it. This post addresses real things we can do to help the hurting friends around us.


Think Before “Being Yourself.”

I took an unpopular stance on the common “empowerment” statement, “Be Yourself.” Instead of just trying to find an excuse to be selfish, let us become more like Jesus in growth and spiritual maturity.


Blog Tour: Brothers-in-Arms

I reviewed this WWII historical fiction novel and interviewed author Jack Lewis Baillot as a part of her blog tour. Amazing, feelsy, tragic, inspiring book.


Real Trust in The Lord

What does it look like to trust God? Isn’t Proverbs 3:5-6 over-quoted and cliché? What does it really mean to acknowledge God in all our ways? Can we really trust God for everything? These are the questions I address in this post.


Girl Defined Book Release!

I reviewed Girl Defined by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird and got to be a part of the launch team. It was an amazing experience, and this book has some wonderful insights on what modern biblical femininity should look like.


Blog Tour: Samara’s Peril Review and Interview

Samara’s Peril by Jaye L. Knight finally released!! I’m such a fangirl of the Ilyon Chronicles, so it thrilled me to be a part of the blog tour. Don’t miss this book. Read it, seriously.


Blog Tour: Book Review for Espionage

More books? I know, right? Sweet! This book is a MG (middle grade) book that I had the privilege of beta reading, editing, and flailing over. A very good book, and one I would’ve especially enjoyed when I was a young bookworm. Many of you know Morgan, as she’s been a frequent commenter on Scattered Journal Pages, a very sweet person and gifted writer. Check out this book and support Morgan!


Christians, Other People Are Not The Real Enemy.

This post was one that I put a lot of thought into. At the same time, it seemed to flow so easily because it was something that God really put on my heart. We often think of others, specifically non-Christians, as our enemies, when in reality, Satan’s our ultimate enemy. Instead of fighting others, let us acknowledge him as the one to stand against.


For When We Just Don’t Feel Like It

This was my favorite post I wrote this month. It got a good amount of activity on it, and for that, I was excited! Basically, I wrote about us humans and our common apathy towards the Bible because it’s “boring.” But when we look past the part of us that just wants it for entertainment, and recognize it for what it really is – the living, active, powerful Word of God – we will be so much more blessed and fulfilled. So if you only read one post of mine this month, make that one be it!


The Hidden Problem With The “Love Your Body” Message

I mistakenly posted my monthly recap with one post left in the month, not realizing the date. However, this post was another favorite, and one that got lots of amazing feedback. Here, I talk about the problem with finding our value in our beauty, or in our self-appreciation. Instead, we must find where our true identity is — and in doing so, will find our real value.


May Favorites


I found some new favorite blogs this month. Yay for blogging love!



Abbiee’s blog is stunning. She’s a fabulous writer, beautiful musician, artsy designer and photographer, like seriously. Go follow her. She’s super sweet and makes you feel like her long-lost best friend. 😀


Light of The Son

Finally, I found another teen faith blogger and writer! Thomas, also known as TJ, has some really cool spiritual insights and I was really excited to find someone else that blogs like I do. Yay for faith bloggers!


inklings press

I’ve known of Ashley for a while, being friends with her on Goodreads and knowing of her through Morgan, but I hadn’t really followed her blog, but now I do.

She’s really kind, and writes thought-provoking posts on life, writing, and reading.


The Desperation Project

I found this blog through Aimee Meester (who I follow on Twitter) and it’s a really great blog if you want to understand mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. I’m blown away at how great the writing is, how much faith is brought into it all, how much truth is presented, love and compassion is given, and how much hope these girls write about. Whether you suffer from mental illness or not, this blog is so worth following.


A Holy Experience

This is the blog of fabulous Ann Voskamp. Her blog inspires me in a million ways – her design, photography, the way that she writes – everything. Oh yeah, she’s pretty famous too, and SHE DID RETWEET ONE OF MY TWEETS AND IT KIND OF MADE MY DAY.


The Bookshelf.jpg


I’ve read some good books this month. Not a ton, but good ones definitely.


Samara’s Peril by Jaye L. Knight. 5/5 Stars. Favorite Ilyon book so far.

Girl Defined by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird. 5/5 Stars. Refreshing book about femininity for Christian girls.

Cress by Marissa Meyer. 4.5/5 Stars. While clearly a secular book, I enjoyed it immensely, as I have this entire series so far.


Currently Reading:


Winter by Marissa Meyer. This book is 823 pages long. We’ll see how long it takes me to finish it.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Oh my word, her writing is gorgeously breathtaking. I’m so awestruck by this book and it’s inspired me in my own writing.


My Writing


Unfortunately, I’ve written only 100ish words in my book this month. Which is really terrible. But I’ve been so inspired lately that when I get back into writing my book – hopefully in June – it’ll just flow. So that’s that. We’ll see how it works on top of schoolwork – I joined CollegePlus and will be working my brain all summer instead of relaxing – but I’m hoping to carve out writing time each day. Maybe?


On The Blog.jpg


If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve made some changes around here! I have a new header (blue watercolor to replace the pink journal page) and a totally new button (to match the header!) and I’m super thrilled. I’m still messing around with my menus and such, so keep your eyes out for subtle changes.


Also, I’m on Bloglovin’! You’re welcome to follow me there, now, as well.


Coming Soon


New blog posts are coming soon, of course! I’m trying to think ahead to this next month and what would be best for all of you guys. I really want to “host” a Bible study on the book of Hebrews, because that’s seriously one of my top favorite books of the Bible. But I want to know what you guys want, so tell me!


Next Saturday, Hannah Rodriguez and I have some really exciting news to share, and we hope you guys will be excited too, all you bloggers and writers! Full reveal to come next Saturday.


And so ends my May recap!


Tell me what you think! Should I do a recap every month? What would you add? Any cool blogs you found this month? Any exciting happenings? Tell me in the comments!



22 Replies to “May Monthly Recap”

  1. Great recap!
    I would definitely be interested in a Bible story in Hebrews– that sounds like just what I need right about now.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to in this next month! 🙂


  2. One, I love the fonts on this post! And yay, our announcement *evil laugh* They must wait a week. And would love a hebrews bible study. That would be awesome


    1. Thanks, Hannah! I love it too. 😀
      Yipee! Hehehe. One more week!
      Okay, sweet. Thanks for that, I might do it. It *does* have 12 chapters, so it might take a while to get through…but we’ll see what I figure out. 🙂


      1. Yeah. And i actually am posting my monthly wrap up in like three minutes maybe so 😀 I added the thing about our announcement


  3. Awesome! You were busy this month! 🙂
    I’m in the middle of reading Cress right now, and I must say, it’s a great book. (I am only on chapter 4, tho :P)

    *scoff* What NEWS do you and Hannah have planned? What’s going on? Why am I not in the loop? Please tell me!

    (Also, there is one more Tuesday this month, so technically this isn’t your last 😛 Unless, of course, you plan on not posting on Tuesday)


    1. I was busy! 🙂
      Oh, awesome! Cress is one of my favorites. 😀
      You’ll find out soon! (I promise it’s not that secretive but I have to keep it under wraps until next week, and you’ll see why.)
      *facedesk+ WOW. How did I not see that. Drat. I thought Monday was the last day of the month. XD Oh, well.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Amanda, I loved your recap! Welcome to the LUNARTIC world. I noticed you posting Lunar Chronicles-fandom related pins on Pinterest, haha! 🙂 Okay, I’m *definitely* gonna have to check out all of those new bloggers. I love that you did that in your recap. Oh, and I would certainly be interested in a Bible study on Hebrews. I can’t wait to see if that pans out!


    1. Thank you, sweet Emily! 😀
      Yessssss! Oh my word wow, I really love the Lunar Chronicles. And yep, you did!
      Thanks for the encouragement! I’m looking forward to seeing where my blog’s going in these next few weeks. I hope I can pull off the Bible study if I decide to do it. 😛


  5. I love the recap. 🙂 Very handy.

    I’d love to see links to some specific blog posts you enjoyed or were encouraged by. There is so much content to read, it can be nice to focus on articles already vetted by someone with similar tastes.


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